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At all events - photos will be taken of ALL performers - please do not worry if you fill in your rego forms after the start of the event - your child will have their photos taken.  Pre-registration has the  benefit of not having to wait 24-48hrs to have your registration forms processed.  Photos will start uploading in the evening of completion of each day.


In order to be able to view your photos it is requested that you fill in the below Photo Access Registration form - this is so that the  appropriate image folders are allocated to your customer account.  If you have previously submitted form, please resubmit any changes to troupe groups.

Once your folders have been allocated, you will receive an email with a link to create your customer account.  Your customer account and image folders are linked by the email address you provide in the registration form.  If you are a new user of the system, you will need to follow the prompts for "New Customer". 

Once you log in you will see the image folders allocated to your account under "My Galleries".  If you require other folders you can search for them and hit the "Unlock" button next to the image gallery.

Photo Access - Event Registration Form

NOTE: If you already have an account (previously registered), please update the Competitors Groupe/Troupe Information if applicable:

Performance Group/Troupe if applicable:
Please advise if the competitor is participating in the below (group photo will be added as a free download to your account):

Thanks for submitting!

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